Without A Union


A Voice on the job
Only Union members enjoy the legal right and power to have a say on the job.
Management has exclusive control and decision making power.
WagesPay rates are negotiated to ensure fairness to everyone and protected in the union contract.
Management alone decides what's fair pay and can base any raises on business needs, favouritism or anything else.
BenefitsProtected by the contract. Changes can only be made if approved by you.
If available at all, they can be reduced or taken away completely at any time.
Hiring and Layoff Provisions
By the method approved by the Union and guaranteed by the contract.
It's all up to the management.
Unfair Treatment and Job Protection
Workers have a protected way to challenge any unfair treatment with support and representation from their Union. Just cause standards are applied with binding arbitration if the parties can't agree.
You're on your own. Any grievance process gives management the last word.
Working Conditions
Shift schedules, vacation/holiday pay, subcontracting, work standards, layoff procedures and hours of work are all agreed to between the workers and employer and protected in the contract.
Management decides what's best for you.
Protection and Guarantees
Only Union members enjoy a legally binding written agreement with their employer that defines, protects and guarantees all terms of employment.
Non-union workers have no guarantees and no protection.

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