What You Can Expect


Once you have decided to join IBEW Local 502, the next step is to sign an IBEW membership card, which is fully confidential.   If more than 50 percent of you and your co-workers sign cards,  IBEW Local 502 will apply to the Labour Board to have the group certified as a union. No vote is required if more than 60% of workers sign membership cards.  If a vote is required, there will be a secret ballot vote. This process is also totally confidential.  No one neither the union nor your employer will ever know how you voted.

If the vote is successful and a majority of the workers vote in favour of joining the union, IBEW Local 502 will become your certified bargaining agent.

As an IBEW Local 502 member you will have all the support and resources you need to protect your rights in your workplace and ensure your employer respects the collective agreement.

  • Members Run the Union!
  • You elect your local union officers.
  • You run your local union affairs.
  • You have your own negotiating committee.
  • You make the decisions on your union contract.
  • You have your own shop stewards.
  • You decide important policies and actions of your union by majority vote.
  • You elect your international union officers.
  • You elect your own delegates to the international conventions.
  • You -- the membership -- are the final voice of authority and decision in your Union.

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