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Due to the high volume of members trained in the four required NBCSA safety course there is currently a low participation rate for scheduled courses. There are a required minimum number of participants required to put on the courses (12). If you require any of the courses you can do the following:


Contact Pat McGinnis at 635 1850 or email pat@ibew502.ca and put your name on a list. Once the minimum 12 people for the class have been met, a class will be scheduled and you will be notified of date and time.


Go to www.NBCSA.ca and look at their regularly scheduled courses in their calendar and pick the course you want and the date and then contact Pat McGinnis and I will contact NBCSA and schedule you in the course if they have room available. Please note these courses fill up fast. Also if you do not schedule through me NBCSA will invoice you directly and you will have to pay for the course to register and it is not reimbursable through the ECANB.

 All Apprentices who have outstanding Local 502 resources out on loan (Books for school, calculators etc..) are urged to return them to the training department so that other apprentices can use them. I will be contacting those who have finished school and still not returned them shortly.

IBEW Local 502 Formanís Training Course


Information and scheduling


To be scheduled as needed.


The IBEW Local 502ís Foremanís course is based from the National Association of Union Schools and Colleges (NAUSC). It is a New Brunswick Building Trades sponsored course which is meant to be generic to all trades with the ability to add portions to cover electrical work (case studyís, prints, takeoffs scheduling etc.). There are two prerequisites to the courseóplease see below. If you already have them you do not need to register for them again.


There is a maximum of 15 people per class. It is a five day course running from Monday to Friday 9am until 4pm each day. There is an exam on the afternoon of the last day. All materials required for the course will be provided.

Required Prerequisites:

  • NBCSA Hazard Identification and Control (8hrs)
  • NBCSA Leadership for Safety Excellence (16hrs)

Current First Aid and CPR is highly recommended for anyone wishing to become a Foreman. This can be arranged through the hall as well.  Please ensure you enroll in the required prerequisites if you do not already have them.
To register: Please call the job/ training hotline at 1888 286 1177,  have your D number ready and follow the prompts.
For more information please contact:
Pat McGinnis at:
635 1850
650 8985

Lift Truck Training (Forklift)

Scheduled as needed.

Manlift Awareness

Scheduled as needed. 


Scheduled as needed. 

Code of Excellence
Scheduled as needed.

NBCSA Safety Training

Confined Space Awareness
Scheduled as needed. 

Fall Protection
Scheduled as needed. 

Overhead Crane, Rigging & Material Handling
Scheduled as needed. 

Conduit bending Course
Scheduled as needed. 
12 person maximum

Blueprint Reading Course
 Scheduled as needed. 

First Aid / CPR Course
Scheduled as needed.